Rest in Peace L’Wren Scott

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On Monday the world of fashion was shaken by the devastating news of the death of L’Wren Scott. The loss of this graceful and creative soul is even more tragic as we learn more details about her last moments of life. Heart-broken and ashamed she decided to end her life by hanging herself with a black scarf around her neck. To come to such an extreme act of violence against yourself the despair must be so deep, so terribly isolating and painful, that the only way out of this – is death. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, said Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

The official report said her death was “probably painless and quick”. I doubt that very much. I feel that those committing suicide are not choosing this path out of weakness, because to actually go through an act like this requires an immense determination. It’s not the desperate circumstances that drive a person to a suicide, but most likely because that complex, internal survival mechanism is not strong enough to cope with it. Looking back at my life it’s frightening to realize how many of my artist friends I have lost to a suicide. Artists are fragile and tormented beings, and maybe we are not meant to live a long life.

In a today’s fashion world designers work under extreme pressure, often living in complete solitude and isolated from the rest of the world. Many amazing talents have been crushed by this glamorous business that kills without mercy. Alexander McQueen’s death came as a shock to most, but those close to him knew about his demons and struggle to cope with the demands of running a fashion powerhouse. We watched in awe John Galliano’s amazing talent and spectacular Dior’s show one after another. And then everyone stood in silence as he spiraled into a drug and alcohol madness that resulted in his arrest and total disgrace. That same year Balmain lost its incredibly talented designer Christophe Decarnin, who while working on 2011 winter collection suffered a nervous break down and ended up locked up in the mental institution.

L’Wren Scott was a perfectionist. She knew how to transform a woman silhouette into a femme fatale without ever looking vulgar. She understood women insecurities and created proportional illusion that resulted in a slim waistline and long legs. The clothes she designed were tailored superbly down to every detail, but they did not succeed commercially. As glamorous and beautiful as those pieces were, they did not sell well in the stores. She was a true style icon, and with that otherworldly pallor, raven hair and towering height she always set herself apart from the rest.

Yesterday I saw the preview of the new Disney movie Maleficent with Angelina Jolie. Angie is magnificent at playing this dark, fallen angel. There is a part where she says, “ I had strong wings once, but they were stolen from me”. (You should see the preview, very cool). For a moment Angie’s character’s chiseled cheekbones and the alabaster white skin made me think of L’Wren and her tragic end.

You were magnificent L’Wren and the world will miss you.

At some point your wings were broken and taken away.

I hope you find them again and soar forever.